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Aug 11, 2021

This conversation with Dr. Kasra (Kas) Khorasani is about a unique approach that he developed for his inpatient psychotherapy groups using LEGO Serious Play methodology.

Learn why group therapy is such a valued tool in for psychotherapy and how building with LEGO in Kas's sessions empowers further connection, allowing...

Aug 19, 2020

C-A speaks to Kathy Hay, President and CEO of Kids Help Phone, Canada’s only 24/7, national support service that offers professional counselling, information and referrals, and volunteer-led, text-based support to young people in both English and French.

C-A is a volunteer crisis responder with Kids Help Phone....

Apr 15, 2020

C-A turns to Wendy Lund from Ep. 2, Has Mindfulness Lost its Meaning to see if there is a meditation that could help cultivate a sense of peace in this time of uncertainty. Wendy walks listeners through Metta, or compassion meditation, to help send loving- kindness to the people in our lives and to ourselves. 

SHOW NOTES: Is spiritual astrology the new Myers-Briggs?

Nov 20, 2019

Jane Fonda's Ted Talk: The three phases of life

The big holy s**t around the age of 50 aka The Chiron Return 

To reach Spiritual Astrologist Donna Flood at Unwrap your Soul to get your natal chart done:

Info on Donna's Moroccan Retreat

Please consider showing your support and becoming a...

Parents helping other parents cope - Show Notes

Sep 10, 2019

No matter where you are in the parenting journey, there are going to be bumps. The band-aid kind and the kind that keep you up many a night wondering what you did wrong and how you are going to get your child back on track.

Information, compassion and support will help you, as a parent, and in turn your child, because...