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Jul 17, 2019

There's a new anxiety in town. For real? Real enough that the American Psychological Association published a 69 page guide about the effects of climate change on mental health. In this interview, C-A speaks with Adria Vasil, the Managing Digital Editor at Corporate Knights and bestselling author about her experience dealing with this strange state of being as she faces environmental issues head on, different ways to cope and the choices she would make in a game of Would You Rather.

Definitely check out:

RiverBlue is a must-see documentary about the effects of the textile industry and fast fashion on the world's water.

Four ways to talk to people about plastic without sounding like a jerk

Making Sense with Sam Harris Ep. 150 - The Map of Misunderstanding with Daniel Kahneman, esp. @00:43:41 when they talk climate change.

Alec Baldwin's, Here's the thing - Climate Science Explained. 

Music and editing by Dave at Heavy Reverb